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Registered under the Society Registration act 1860, 12A, 80G, Niti Ayog & ISO Certified || Registered under The National Trust || Registered under the act 2016 of Rights of Person with Disabilities || Boys Hostel Available

Facilities at Residences

A hostel is a shelter for students who reach from distant places. Students live there with each other and learn the importance of discipline and teamwork. Hostel life brings a sense of responsibility to become self-dependent in life. We administer excellent hostel amenities, instilled with love and affection. Our hostel rooms are spacious, neat and tidy. All the modern facilities and comforts help in making the hostel environment accommodating for our hostellers. Our hostel staff is dedicated, efficient and helpful. The hostel atmosphere is completely hygienic for the students and the teachers who are in-charge of hostels are very caring.

Airy and sunlit rooms:

Every room in the hostel is well-ventilated to maintain the best health and hygienic conditions. The sunlight keeps the rooms germ free, and ventilation maintains freshness in the places around. The bed-sheets, pillow covers and blankets are frequently changed, washed or ironed.

CCTV Cameras:

Each room is under CCTV surveillance to monitor 24/7 for security purposes. We aim to provide a safe and protected environment for the students who need extra care.

Medical Facility:

The necessary First-aid facilities are kept handy for mild fever, cold, minor injuries, burns, cuts or mild illness. In the case of acute or chronic diseases, with parent's consultation, we take them to the nearby clinics and hospitals to avoid the conditions to worsen. Our priority is to keep them safe and healthy as best as possible.

24/7 Van:

Transportation is available round the clock for the special-needs children whenever necessary. We take children to nearby malls, markets, site visits or parks for recreational purposes. During sickness, kids can reach timely for medical help

TV Room:

There is a recreation room with a TV and music system where the students can get respite after an exhausting day. It helps in strengthening the bond with each other by spending time together.

Air-Conditioned Rooms:

The facilities available to the students are comprehensive, and every comfort and need of the children are taken care of whether it is the AC and watercooler in summer or room heaters and geysers during winters.

Diet Menu:

The hostel provides a complete vegetarian meal prepared fresh under hygienic conditions. The hostel offers good quality food, RO drinking water, snacks, refreshments, fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, salads, etc., for the students. We ensure a safe and clean environment with regular quality checks

Special Education:

We understand the importance of special education for our students with special needs. Therefore, few teachers reside in the hostel along with the boys to help them in all respects. With proper guidance and assistance available, we look forward to enabling the students with the best results.


To keep our students away from boredom, we plan frequent outings. Students enjoy their trips to various places such as nearby malls, markets, museums, historical sites, water parks, theatres, fairs, zoo visits, circus or theme parks for recreational purposes. We promote inclusiveness to help students learn and adapt themselves with other people around.

Birthday Celebration:

Every child looks forward to enjoying their birthday with friends and family. We celebrate their birthday in school and hostel by cutting cakes, blowing and bursting balloons, healthy snacks, refreshments, music and dance. Children enjoy their birthday with a lot of excitement and happiness.

Video/Voice Calling:

We allow the students to speak to their parents 7days a week from 9AM to 7PM through voice calling.Video calling is allowed only two days a week between 5 PM and 8PM.

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